Watch Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter Discuss the Challenge of Playing Wonder Woman
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The star who really was a Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter did her own stunts, beat alcoholism and fended off sex predators long before #MeToo. Now at 69 she is being reborn for a new age…
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During the second season of the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman, there is a scene in which our heroine, to prevent two baddies making an airborne getaway, jumps onto their moving helicopter, h...Read more »
1984’s Original Wonder Woman Cameo Means Lynda Carter Exists On 3 DC Earths
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Following her big reveal in Wonder Woman 1984, Lynda Carter officially exists on 3 DC Earths in Warner Bros.' massive live-action Multiverse. Thanks to Wonder Woman 1984, Lynda Carter o...Read more »
Wonder Woman: The 1975 Show’s Opening Theme Was Wildly Catchy
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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins In Conversation with Lynda Carter
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Director Patty Jenkins Says She Has a Group Text with Gal Gadot and Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter
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Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman series drops on HBO Max ahead of new movie premiere
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Washington Capitals: 3 big reasons they landed at No. 168 on FanSided 250
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One-on-one with OG “Wonder Woman” Lynda Carter and daughter Jessica Carter Altman
Lynda Carter and Billy Ray Cyrus plan musical collaboration
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