Comicbook  |  11.01.2021

Lynda Carter Celebrates Love, Connection, and Wonder Woman with New Single “Human and Divine”

Nicole Drum

Legendary Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter thrilled fans when she made a cameo appearance in 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984 as another legendary Amazon, Asteria. But while Carter was inspiring audiences, she herself was being inspired, writing her latest song “Human and Divine”. With themes of love, strength, and inspiration, the recently released ballad is dedicated to Carter’s husband, but according to Carter, as she was working on the song and became part of Wonder Woman 1984, the song took on a richer meaning, one that connects to the powerful love story between Steve Trevor and Diana.

“What is interesting is that when I wrote it I did not know… Patty [Jenkins] does not give anything away about her movies so I did not know what the love story was between Steve and Diana,” Carter recently told “And so when I wrote the song, you think that I would know about the love of Steve and Diana, right? Just this love story, but not this particular story of when he comes back and so it was really kind of eerie that the way I wrote it, the lyrics that are behind it, you would never know I didn’t know the whole plot the whole time that I was writing.”