Lynda Carter Releases Heartfelt Single “Letters From Earth”

Lynda Carter, the iconic singer, advocate and actress known for her influential portrayal of Wonder Woman and Emmy-winning musical variety specials, released her latest single, “Letters from Earth,” today on March 15, 2024. This poignant ballad, available on all streaming platforms offers  listeners a rare glimpse into Carter’s journey of healing. Co-written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter John Barlow Jarvis, the song is a  tribute to Carter’s late husband, Robert, and a testament to the enduring power of true love.

Listen here on all streaming platforms:

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, Carter shares, “Robert is gone from my presence, but not from my present life. Writing this love song with John Jarvis was part of my healing. It was difficult to sing through the emotions. A lifetime of love, laughter, family, and adventures together doesn’t have to end in illness and death. My love, my music, and his magic live on.”

“Letters from Earth” captures the essence of Carter’s intimate conversations with her late husband, portraying the emotional journey of grief and the solace found in memories. With its haunting melody and soul-stirring lyrics, the song resonates with anyone who has experienced loss and found solace in the enduring bonds of love. Carter hopes the song will inspire others to write their own “letters from Earth” to lost loved ones.

She told People Magazine, “”The soul of the song is about how you miss a person so much, because they’re such a presence in your life that it’s almost impossible to imagine that you won’t physically see them again in this life. You wonder, ‘How can I communicate with you? Where are you? You didn’t just die — there’s too much of you left on this earth, too many people that love you.'”

This release marks a significant milestone for Carter as she continues to explore her passion for music and storytelling. Through her music, she invites audiences to join her on a deeply personal journey of resilience and rediscovery. 

“Letters From Earth” is available now on all major music platforms.