CBR  |  01.01.2021

Wonder Woman: The 1975 Show’s Opening Theme Was Wildly Catchy

Margaret David

The 1975 Wonder Woman series featured the incomparable Lynda Carter as the titular hero and a super catchy theme song to match.

The best follow-up to the release of Wonder Woman 1984 is the addition of the 1975 series to HBO Max’s lineup. Running for three seasons, Wonder Woman was a massive influence on the pop culture of the time. Series star Lynda Carter has since been an enduring part of the legacy of Diana Prince in a way that would only be comparable to Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman in 1978. Wonder Woman‘s candy-bright aesthetic and peppy tone is pure ’70s, and the music, especially its stand-out opening theme, is as iconic as Carter herself.

Like Patty Jenkins‘ take on the Amazonian heroine, the series’ pilot kicks off on the secret island of the Amazons. Though the differences quickly pile up, it’s still a period piece lodged in the heart of a world war. Season 1 became a smashing success despite a few hurdles that made production an occasional struggle. The late ’70s saw an uptick in social pressure on pop culture media, and Wonder Woman had to work to tone back its action sequences to satisfy broadcast censors.