Central Jersey  |  09.29.2020

Lynda Carter: Super Hero, Wonder Woman

David Cohea

At 24 years old, Lynda Carter was already an accomplished singer and Miss World USA titleholder when she decided to try her hand at acting. She had picked up some bit parts in TV shows like Nakia and Matt Helm, as well as a few B-movies. But she had almost exhausted her savings and was getting ready to return to her home state of Arizona when her manager informed her that she had landed the part of Wonder Woman for the new series.

Carter was well aware that her natural gifts had helped land her the part, and given that she would be parading around in the skimpiest of comic book outfits, she was warned by one of the show’s producers that women would be jealous of her. In a 2017 CBS News interview, she said she was determined not to let that happen. “They won’t be, because I am not playing her that way. I want women to want to be me, or be my best friend!” Indeed, Carter played Wonder Woman with spirit and heart, endearing her to both fans and critics.

The show played for one season on ABC as Wonder Woman and then for two more seasons on CBS as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. Based on the DC comic book series’ character, Wonder Woman is one of a tribe of Amazonians living on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle. During World War II, American pilot Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner) is shot down near the island and rescued by Princess Diana. After nursing him back to health, it is decided she will help return him to America. As soon as he’s back in Washington, D.C., working for the War Department, the Nazis are after him. Diana defeats the plot and she ends up becoming Trevor’s secretary in the guise of Diana Prince. read more