Parade  |  09.11.2020

Lynda Carter Has the Best Advice for Women Who Are Afraid to Follow Their Dreams

Jeryl Brunner

As Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter was able to fly an invisible plane, stop bullets with her cuffs and use her “lasso of truth” to extract the truth from people. You’d think things couldn’t get much better than that. But ask her to name one thing that makes her feel the most accomplished and she doesn’t hesitate for a second: Singing on stage.

For Carter, 69, who played Wonder Woman on the iconic TV show from 1975-1979, singing in front on an audience is where she gets her superpower. She says it feels the most magical when she gets to sing with her daughter, Jessica Carter Altman. “I look in her eyes and hear her sing. Then I reach over and put my hand in hers. There is nothing like it,” says Carter, whose eyes well up with tears as she chats via Zoom from her home in Maryland.

“When we sing a duet together, we are both complete performers. We listen to every nuance,” says Carter, who was a surprise guest at the massive worldwide DC Fandome virtual experience presented by DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

Carter says she’s “beyond excited” about Patty Jenkins‘ interpretation of Wonder Woman, noting that it helped her daughter who grew up out of the limelight see her mom in a different light. read more

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images