Variety  |  08.22.2020

Lynda Carter Crashes Wonder Woman 1984 Fandom Panel, Shares Touching Story About Her Daughter

Ben Wasserman

DC FanDome’s Wonder Woman 1984 panel received a surprise appearance from a figure synonymous with Wonder Woman outside Gal Gadot: Lynda Carter.

The panel — which consisted of Gadot and fellow actors Chris Pine, Kristin Wiig and Pedro Pascal, as well as director Patty Jenkins — welcomed her with excitement. Wiig, who plays Barbara Minerva, told her, “I watched your show when I was younger” and revealed that she not only went as Wonder Woman for Halloween, but also had “Wonder Woman underoos.” Carter equally praised Wiig, admitting, “We have a mutual admiration,” asking, “When we meet, will you throw your arms around me?”

Carter also called herself “a fan from day one of Patty’s” and explained, “When my daughter saw Gal as Wonder Woman, she said, ‘I get it. I finally understand… why everyone idolizes you… I finally get what Wonder Woman means to everyone.'” She then thanked Gadot and director Patty Jenkins for faithfully bringing the character to life in their critically-acclaimed 2017 film.

The panel reciprocated praise for Carter, whose performance on the 1977 Wonder Woman TV show defined Wonder Woman’s pop culture image across the late 20th century. Jenkins recalled the first time she called Carter about the Wonder Woman movie and told her, “I want you to know we’re not here to reinvent Wonder Woman and we’re not here to do a new chapter on Wonder Woman. We just hope to take the torch and pass if forward.” That Carter’s own daughter could view Gadot’s performance the way Carter’s Wonder Woman was seen by Jenkins’ generation was, in her words, “A huge compliment.” read more—video