Daily Mail  |  01.06.2021

The star who really was a Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter did her own stunts, beat alcoholism and fended off sex predators long before #MeToo. Now at 69 she is being reborn for a new age…

Lina Das

During the second season of the 1970s TV series Wonder Woman, there is a scene in which our heroine, to prevent two baddies making an airborne getaway, jumps onto their moving helicopter, her long, coiffed curls billowing behind her.

Amazingly, the feat was performed not by a stuntwoman but by the star of the show, Lynda Carter, who not only managed to hang on to the helicopter without safety equipment but somehow remain contained in her famously skimpy, low-cut boob tube and shorts.

Second-generation Wonder Woman fans may scoff at YouTube clips of the original series, having sampled the new feminist film version, Wonder Woman 1984. But maybe they need reminding that Lynda Carter was the real deal, in an age when women in TV action series often seemed to be there just to serve drinks and have their bottoms pinched.