Instinct  |  10.13.2020

How Wonder Woman (& Lynda Carter) Turned Christopher Cooley Into A Lifelong Fan

Michael Cook

There is nothing in my own life that defines my childhood more than Wonder Woman. From receiving the now vintage Wonder Woman Mego doll as a Christmas gift (and crying hysterically when her tiara was lost in the wrapping paper frenzy) to having a complete Wonder Woman themed birthday party at three years old, the Amazonian princess shaped not just my childhood, but so many other young boys who were looking around and realizing how different they really were. As adults, Wonder Woman fans have an immediate kinship, trading stories, pictures and following each others victories on social media. When I encountered fellow fan Christopher Cooley, I knew he had a story. What I did not know, is that he had a complete Wonder Woman themed bar in his home, a space that had Wonder Woman memorabilia from almost every era. I caught up with Cooley for a sit down to talk about his love for Wonder Woman, why Lynda Carter’s portrayal of Wonder Woman is cemented in his life forever, and his ultimate dream for not just himself, but for Wonder Woman fans everywhere.

Christopher Cooley: Wonder Woman was my childhood idol, and I just never outgrew it. I think I was five or six years old when I first saw Lynda Carter on television, she was absolutely stunning in that American Flag & high heels, my inner gay boy was forever switched on! She had me mesmerized, everything about her just spoke to me, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, and she had so much to offer, she fought for good, she taught me about the importance of truth, doing the right thing, and always helping others when you can. She was a goddess on my tv and I was instantly hooked. read more

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Cooley