Screen Rant  |  01.02.2021

1984’s Original Wonder Woman Cameo Means Lynda Carter Exists On 3 DC Earths

Andy Behbakht

Following her big reveal in Wonder Woman 1984, Lynda Carter officially exists on 3 DC Earths in Warner Bros.’ massive live-action Multiverse.

Thanks to Wonder Woman 1984, Lynda Carter officially exists across three different Earths in the larger DC multiverse. Diana Prince is finally back as Gal Gadot’s DCEU sequel was released in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas. But it appears the Patty Jenkins-directed film had more than one Diana in the latest installment, so to speak. During the post-credits scene, Carter makes a wonderful cameo that became an iconic moment for the Wonder Woman franchise. While Gadot was the first actress to ever bring Diana Prince to the big screen, Carter has been recognized and beloved for her portrayal of the iconic Amazonian heroine. In the ’70s, Carter starred in the TV series Wonder Woman, which captured the world and continues to do so decades later.